We bring you the most prolific speakers on the experience, accomplishments and history of Africans throughout the diaspora.

Reality Speaks of Solvivaz Nation has been spreading powerful and informative lectures for over two decades. With your support Reality Speaks has been disseminating empowering information to our community. We have the longest running Independent African Centered Lecture Series in the United States and maybe the world. For years we have been bringing speakers such as Dick Gregory, Dr. Welsing, Dr. Ben, Dr. Claud Anderson, Sistah Souljah and hundreds of others. Through social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook, our lectures have reached thousands of viewers gaining millions of views from around the world.

While Reality Speaks Lecture Series is based in Baltimore, our goal is for Reality Speaks to independently disseminate empowering information globally. Our first goal is to build a top of the line live stream facility which will allow our followers weekly access to Live discussions, interviews, and information. Additionally, we plan to provide live pay-per-view options for our Lecture Series, allowing followers to access us from anywhere in the world. The goal of Reality Speaks Media is to create a brand new website that is capable of the latest technology that will make our archives accessible through downloads and live streaming.